Arbitration of a multimillion-dollar contractual dispute involving a large scale real estate development project

Counsel to project managers in an arbitration to determine their compensation for overseeing a large multi-building condominium development. Obtained a highly favourable settlement on eve of hearing enabling clients to purchase the entire property. Issues: Independent business valuation Contractual interpretation Constructive trust and the duty of good faith

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Obtained significant trial judgement in favour of ex-spouse regarding share ownership and valuation of closely held corporation

Successful trial for the ownership and valuation of shares in a closely held corporation. Both parties asserted that the corporate minute book was inaccurate. Our client argued that the shareholder registry had not been updated to reflect her 50% ownership interest; the opposing shareholder asserted that the minute book failed to show that preferred shares had been issued on a 50-50 basis but was accurate in showing that our client…

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Overturned a Services Canada decision to impose significant “AMPS” penalties and to restrict a farming operation from hiring international seasonal workers

Successful resolution following the commencement of an application for leave, stay and judicial review under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in respect of a decision by Service Canada to impose an administrative monetary penalty and a permanent ban on the client’s ability to hire temporary foreign workers. Matter settled out of court in the client’s favor. Issues: Exercise of administrative discretion Duty of fairness

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